Artist Bio

If you have clicked on this page, you have perhaps liked the story I have told in colors and shapes and want to know a little bit more about me.


I am Chicago based Indian American artist working in mixed media abstract space. Although primaryly self trained, since 2009, I took informal art training at Palette and Chisel and  Lill street in Chicago. Until 2016, I mainly worked on oil medium with my primary focus on portraits and plein air.

Since 2018, I trained myself in mixed media abstract space under training from Jackey Lakey at Oak Park Art League in Illinois.


2019 I was accepted to prestigious Art residency program in Orquavaux France, where I got to work with talented artists from different corners of the world. In Orquevaux, I put to practice my training from Jackey Lakely to discover my own style and palette to tell a story on a large scale canvas.

My artwork often reflects my memories, my experiences, and real life and fictional people and objects with some common motif. Please read more about my process in the Artist statement.

Fablab in Southern Portugal

I experimented in creating multi-plate laser carved wood-block printing at a fab-lab in a small Portuguese village. I als

Group Exhibitions

GIT-LIT  Chicago -July 2019

Conception Art New York - October 2019

Conception Art Chicago - November 2019


2nd prize in the Group exhibition out of twenty artists showing up in the Group exhibit.



Artist Statement

After experimenting in realism until 2018, I pursued my multi-media abstract training under Jackie Lakely in Chicago.

2019 has been a consequential year for me when I completed my art residency  at Orquevaux, France and created substantial art work that represents my style. I

Shows and awards 2019


Conception Art - New York - November 2019

GITLIT - October 2019

Conception Art Chicago - November 2019

Awarded Honorary mention at Conception Art Chicago show.

2020 work

As much as 2020 is the year of lost opportunities, I experimeted with CNC and Laser base wood block printing during my residency in Portugal. (Early February before COVID hit the world). 

During rest of the 2020, I have worked on 4 largescale pieces based on multimedia techniques of abstract story telling.

Satish Prabhu