Artist Bio

Originally from India, I have lived in five different continents and have settled in Chicago for past 18 years.

Chicago is home and I work from my home studio. I am a self-taught artist who pursued my art training in Chicago since 2013 under various well know contemporary artists in the States.


Artist Statement


After experimenting in realism until 2018, I pursued my multi-media abstract training under Jackie Lakely in Chicago.

2019 has been a consequential year for me when I completed my art residency  at Orquevaux, France and created substantial art work that represents my style. I

Shows and awards 2019


Conception Art - New York - November 2019

GITLIT - October 2019

Conception Art Chicago - November 2019

Awarded Honorary mention at Conception Art Chicago show.

2020 work

As much as 2020 is the year of lost opportunities, I experimeted with CNC and Laser base wood block printing during my residency in Portugal. (Early February before COVID hit the world). 

During rest of the 2020, I have worked on 4 largescale pieces based on multimedia techniques of abstract story telling.

Satish Prabhu

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