Artist Bio

Originally from India, I have lived in five different continents and have settled in Chicago for past 18 years.

Chicago is home and I work from my studio in my basement. I am a self-taught artist who pursued my art training in Chicago since 2013 under various well know contemporary artists in the States. I worked in corporate world until 2018 full-time and now transitioning into a full time artist for past couple of years.


Artist Statement

After experimenting in realism until 2018, I pursued my multi-media abstract training under Jackie Lakely in Chicago.

2019 has been a consequential year for me when I completed my art residency  at Orquevaux, France and created substantial art work that represents my style.

Check out my recent work under Abstract section. Hope you will enjoy it. 

Shows and awards 2019


Conception Art - New York - November 2019

GITLIT - October 2019

Conception Art Chicago - November 2019

Awarded Honorary mention at Conception Art Chicago show.

Upcoming Projects and plans 

In 2020 I will be exploring Printmaking using  computer aided technology. (CNC, 3D) 

I will be attending a month long residency in Portugal in early 2020 to adapt some of these technologies in my Abstract work.

Satish Prabhu

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