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Orquevaux Residency series - 1

Sennelier - Oil Pastels
The Chateau


Our time in Paris went by very fast. Less on tourist activities though. I spent most of the time on getting my art supplies provisioned, meeting new artists and practicing my French skills.

On Monday morning, I rented a car at Paris- Rivoli, using my newly acquired French-speaking skills . (My French teacher Andre would be proud of me). Driving out of Paris during Monday morning rush hour was a little challenging, but once I got onto the National Highways it was a smooth ride in my (Automatic) Audi🤳 I was lucky to get from the car rental agency.

The Three hour drive to Orquevaux was picturesque and the Landscapes were stunning as I had imagined. On arrival, I am assigned a studio in main Chateau building and my living arrangement is in a pretty French house just few step outside the Chateau in the village.

A view from my house



After quick breakfast, I visited Chamount nearest big town (30 mins from Orq) for locating supplies and groceries along with some other artists I met here on my first day. I am posting some picture of the town.

In the afternoon, I got my work started - a quick landscape (posted above) and getting my supplies arranged for in studio work.

Chamount street view.

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