When Covid-19 becomes Covid-20 (April 2020)



I am an introverted person by nature. Last month and half has been challenging in spite of that. On one count, every day passes by slowly and at the same time it seems like I wasted a whole month and a half doing nothing.

This morning I got up low on energy with the influx of bad news from everywhere and started taking stock of the situation. It looks like we have a month or two more before this shelter at home order is lifted and we start normalizing life with COVID-19 .

People like me who are germaphobes are never going to take this situation lightly until they come up with a vaccination. That means that this lifestyle might continue all the way into 2021. As a planner I feel much better if I have a plan to tackle the situation. I don't have a plan, but I feel that maybe if I start writing, I will come up with some way to create my social life that will help me feel more productive beyond posting a few pics on instagram.

This is my first post narrating a summary of my art life over the past one month and a half. I am hoping I will have better order and skill developed if I do this more regularly. English isn't my first language so please bear with me!


When they announced the lock down(Shelter-at-home) in Chicago in the mid March, I thought of working on a couple of art projects that were completely digital and don't need interaction with the physical world.

I thought I would share this with my followers so that they can get some ideas and share in the experience.

  1. Online Store

I opened my online store (Satishfactory.com) with products made from my artwork.

I used shopify and printful to create a dropship business. This week I used facebook and instagram to do online marketing.

My IT experience was really helpful in setting up this online business. It took a lot of patience to integrate all these moving pieces together.

Ultimately the fruit of these efforts was very sweet when I made my first sale on line.


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On a friends' recommendation, I started using this app to create new digital collages using my phone pics. Initially I did not grasp the power of this app but as I started creating more and more pics I realized that this is the digital equivalent of an abstract collage, except that you can mix and match various media. It is flexible and the results are stunning. It is for creative people and not for just sharing your photographs as you do on Instagram by just changing filters.

3. Project Bergman

As a big admirer of the Swedish movie maker of Ingmar Bergman, I wanted to make a large abstract piece influenced by his artworks. Yes, I call his movies cinemagraphic art pieces. I am working on this piece everyday little by little. It has movies and actors that I love. Silence, Persona, Liv Ulmann. It is a six by 8 feet canvas hanging contentedly on my wall.

It's Easter weekend now and beautiful weather is upon us in Chicago. I am planning to take my artwork outdoors for the first time in my life and create an outdoor sculpture. Necessity is the mother of invention!!

In my next post I will write more about my outdoor projects,

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